Celebrity Management

We are the one-stop solution provider for all celebrity requirements. Our team of celebrity management in Bangalore deals with celebrity promotional events. Be it particular film or product launch, corporate event, ribbon-cutting ceremony, store launch, award ceremony, media campaign, hospitality event,university event, brand endorsement, grand party, wedding, birthday bash, music/dance concerts, national/international shows or any other event you have in mind where stars are the centre of attraction for their elegance. All events are planned and organized in a lavish and luxurious way with extreme care and professionalism. We have an uncanny talent to transform ideas into things, and eventually, a reality, which is the backbone to success!

Why should you hire a celebrity?

The support and endorsement of a celebrity name will have lightning effects for your brand. Whether you're launching a new product, holding a charity carnival or requiring an interview booking for live television, Zasha will help in every possible way. We can help you identify and book the personality great suited to your brand.

Zasha manages celebrity from all streams

Add glamour to your events with Zasha

We help you make occasions impressive! Zasha stands out from the crowded marketplace due to sheer competence and dedication we have for our work. We can source the perfect personality for any event you have in mind.