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How to Keep Your Attendees Comfortable while Planning an Event? 

Events are planned throughout the years. Except few changes, almost everything remains the same. Sometimes, you may find cushioned sofas. But sometimes you may have to adjust on a painful plastic or wooden chair. Space is often overcrowded. But, sometimes seats are arranged so well that there is still a lot of room to move freely. 

All in all, your attendees should be comfortable so they can focus on what’s going on, rather than waiting for the event to end. For example, loud noise distracts people and keeps them from focusing on what speaker wants to say. Some overweight attendees find it uncomfortable to sit on chairs. 

About Event Management

Event Management is simply planning any type of event, such as conference, festival, wedding, ceremony, formal events, conventions, or concerts. It is about studying your brand, knowing target audience, devising concept of event, and considering all the technical aspects before planning an event. 

Common Types of Events

Conferences – These are popular business events. They cover academic, corporate, and medical conferences. 

Seminars – These are educational workshops for training of employees, students and managers. Most seminars are interactive. 

Trade shows – These are basically exhibitions where most companies demonstrate and present their recent products. 

Press Conferences – These are the best events to promote latest products, launch new campaigns, or to inform public or shareholders about something new.

Opening ceremonies – These are held to start a new business and other events that can last for up to 1 or 2 days. 

Theme parties – These events involve marriage reception, birthday parties, Christmas or other occasions. 

Tips to Keep Your Audiences Comfortable in an Event

In the beginning, you should consider the seating arrangements and layout to maintain comfort and feeling of tranquility for your guests. So, here are the important points to ensure comfort. 

Proper Room Temperature

Room temperature shouldn’t be too hot during summers and too chilling during winters. It affects the overall engagement of an attendee. Most event planners overlook the temperature. Before the event start, be sure to check everything. Air conditioner or room heater is working well and keeping the room temperature manageable, without making it too cold or too hot. 

Comfortable Seats according to space

Seating arrangement is another important factor which affects the comfort. In case chairs are arranged and stuck with each other without leaving any space, it may keep attendees to move properly, stretch themselves, and manage their belongings well.  To keep this from happening, be sure to have enough space between each chair and a few feet in between the rows. This way, attendees can easily leave without disturbing others in between the event. 

Have chairs that can fit all types of people, including, short, tall, and fat. Poor quality of seating and layouts would disturb the audience.  

Avoid Noise 

If the venue is planned around the roadside, back-seaters might have problem hearing the speakers. So, arrangements should be done in a way that everyone can pay attention to the speaker without any effort. Your attendees might feel easy to hear with the sound system at the front and back. Background music also disturbs the attendees. Keep in mind music doesn’t distract and interrupt audience from speakers. 

Have Quick Breaks during Long Sessions

Be sure to book some time for breaks if you are holding a long event. At least 15 to 20 minutes of break should be given to people to fresh up and chit chat. It will make them feel recharged. Breaks are very important to keep your audience from feeling tired or bored. 

Enough Room for Free Movement

Your seats, as discussed above, should be arranged in a way that anyone can move freely without disrupting others. Instead keeping audience to sit until the end of the event, let them to stand and move for some reasons related to session. 


You should choose a company which is well versed in Event management in Bangalore to get the most of your event. No matter what kind of event it is, you should look for ideas to get the most of it. Be sure to look for event management in Karnataka to improve engagement of audience.